Color Therapy- Use Power Of Color To Promote Health Lifestyle
Color Therapy- Use Power Of Color To Promote Health Lifestyle

What is color therapy?

In color there is life. Color could very well be the most magnificent experience we take for granted. Look around; it's everywhere, surrounding and embracing us. We interpret life as much through color as we do shape, texture and sound .Colors can influence your moods, feelings and emotions. Colors influence your actions and how you respond to people, situations and ideas. Learn about the meaning of colors and how they affect your personality, your choices and your actions. 

What are the benefits of color therapy?

Color Therapy is a harmonizing therapy which uses color to promote health and well-being and while it is used as a separate therapy, it is also a perfect therapy to aid standard treatments and to boost the healing process. So use Color Therapy to Solve Problems, Increase Clarity and Increase Your awareness. Learning the energies of the different Colors as a means for healing disease in body, mind, and spirit is very fascinating. Using Color to restore balance and harmony is an amazingly easy thing you can do for yourself.  Modern life is utilizing this light and Color therapy to benefit the human kind. The fundamental unit of life is cell and main source of energy and information is light. For the last many decades, the use of light in hospitals and homes has shown cure for different disease and illnesses. If you utilize light and color therapy in your life, you can heal your body and become the master of your health in no time

How to use color therapy?

All of the colors release waves of pulsation which creates the feeling of cold or heat after striking to an object. Red color wave length is the longest due to which the frequency created is the slowest. The wave length of violet color is shortest due to which it creates the fastest frequency. Red color creates the feeling of Heat while sky blue color creates the effect of coldness. Green color is the one that creates balance. People don’t normally think about colors. We are inspired by watching paintings but don’t give attention towards nature of colors. Through experiments, it is seen that patients of Stress and anxiety are fast cured with Violet, Blue & Turquoise colors. Putting patients in Pink color environment calms the emotions of viciousness and revenge. Pink color acts as a tranquilizer for veins and muscles. The properties of Pink color are now used to balance family disputes, business matters and so on. By the use of Pink color irritation and anger is lowered. Under the effect of Pink color muscles don’t experience stress and tension. Even blind people feel relaxed in Pink colored rooms. Every color has its own unique properties and benefits and they can help to cure many diseases naturally by simply adding or removing certain colors from life.