Crystal Healing Certification
Crystal Healing Certification
This is a Practical Guide to Crystal Healing to Increase Your Spiritual Energy,

Balance Your Chakras and Expand Your Positive Mind Power to Heal Your Body and Soul! In this Crystal Healing Certification Course, We will focus on how To Use Crystals to Heal the Body and Transform the Spirit! Crystals carry light and color to your overall aura and Human Body Chakras. The Basic Crystal Therapy is considered as the ancient art of laying-on-of stones. Stones, crystals and gems were laid on the body over the chakra points in ancient times. Every chakra resonates to a certain color and the chakras align and mix with one another. The basic belief behind crystal healing is that diseases take place when there is variation between divine energy and a person. This light or divine energy is the main groundwork of universal creation. Crystal work on those energy and by balancing those energy differences, can make the person in a healthy condition.


What is Crystal Healing all about? 

Crystal Healing is a typical form of treatment that uses gemstones or crystals. The crystals are often placed on a certain area of the body called “chakras”. Chakra means spinning wheels of energy. There are 7 major energy centers in the body. Some healers place matching color crystals as the color of the chakras on the individual to develop the flow of energy. Crystals direct the energy flow to the person and bring balance to their energy. Mostly, they are used to cleanse the person from negative energy that is the reason to cause illness or disease. Removing the bad spiritual energy decreases the harshness of the physical condition. These crystals are also utilized for mental, physical, spiritual and emotional healing.


 What you will learn in Crystal Healing:

  • Know the 7 Major Chakras and their associated crystals!

  • Receive a Crystal Healing Certificate!

  • Learn why crystals are able to assist with healing

  • Know how crystals encourage healing

  • Choose the precise crystals and identify where to place 

  • Use crystals to assist with healing

  • Using Stones And Crystals For Healing Chakras

  • Making the most of your crystal

  • Things to Do for Effective Crystal Healing

  • Colors in Crystal Healing

  • Learn to Program or charge your crystals

  • How To Take Care Of Your Crystals

  • Learn to cleanse your crystals

  • Become a Crystal Healing Practitioner 

  • Understand how crystal healing works

  • Identify different crystal shapes 

  • Receive a crystal Healing Practitioner certification!