Color Therapy Certification Course
Color Therapy Certification Course

Practice power of color in your life to promote health & wellbeing, color therapy for self-healing exploration

Let me welcome you in this color therapy course where you will explore all about Color Therapy and its effects on you and your surroundings. So use Color Therapy to Solve Problems, Increase Clarity and Increase Your awareness. Learning the energies of the different Colors as a means for healing disease in body, mind, and spirit is very fascinating. Using Color to restore balance and harmony is an amazingly easy thing you can do for yourself.

  • Benefits of Colored Light

  • Meanings of Individual Colors

  • The Power of Color

  • Color and their effects on human body and surroundings

  • Cure diseases by using color therapy

  • How to use color therapy for your wellbeing?

  • Become a Color therapist and help other individuals

  • How to uplift your mood and energy by using color

  • Receive a Color Therapy Practitioner certification!

This course has a very practical approach towards color therapy so you can start practicing it immediately after going through the lectures. Learn how you can begin enjoying the freedom found through a higher awareness of energy!